NOMIS is a patient engagement tool that allows doctor and patients to track daily, weekly and monthly testing results for chronic care management including hypertension/high blood pressure, diabetes and comorbidities (multiple diagnosis).

NOMIS is closing the gap between doctor and patient communication outside of the office. Benefits of NOMIS include the reduction of unnecessary office visits unless patient has reported results that requires an appointment.

NOMIS eliminates the traditional method of carrying a log to track written results. The doctor and patient are now able to view the same online results in real time in order to adjust patient’s treatment program.

Features include repeated reminders and notifications to patient until a response is received via text, email or phone- depending on patient’s preference.

Doctors and patients establish health care goals together and set up the amount of reminders to be set by day and by week based on a patient’s lifestyle. Doctors will love that it assists in increasing patient compliance and patients will love it because it serves as an easy reminder to test and report results.