1st Annual NOMIS Champion award


The NOMIS Champion award is an annual award given to an individual who consistently and substantially exceeds expectations, has enrolled the most NOMIS patients in a 12 month period, performs at a level above and beyond normal requirements and expectations; has made important and significant contributions, demonstrates exceptional ability to foster collaboration, willingness to manage change and has demonstrated a sincere commitment to improve patient care through the use of NOMIS.

While we care about NOMIS and the value it brings to CSHP patients it’s not all about NOMIS today. Today is about recognizing an individual who has amazing follow through, always has a smile on their face and is upbeat, energetic, enthusiastic and always willing to try new things to help improve efficiencies in patient care & outcomes not just through the use of NOMIS but in everything they do.

We are proud to present the 1st Annual NOMIS Champion award to Sage Collins!

Other Notes: Sage always, regardless of the location or doctor she works with is always signing up new NOMIS patients. She has made herself available to train other staff, has attended trainings to offer workflow support and guidance and has volunteered to mentor and help anyone interested in learning how they may better serve their patients.

Thank you, Sage from all of us at NOMIS and Loop Communications.

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