Loop Communications improves info-sharing

Loop Communications has developed a tool that requires you to answer it in a confidential manner when talking about your health, said developer James Dodd.

Loop Communications, the newest division of Delta Solutions & Strategies, currently is testing the product with Colorado Springs Health Partners, the largest physician group in Colorado Springs. Like other Delta operations, Loop involves sensitive, confidential information.

The product is called NOMIS, or Notification, Observation Monitoring Information Systems.

It works by sending out a notification question, which then requires the patient to complete a task before the notifications stop. Once that task is done, Loop or the system administrator will gather and record the information, thus closing the loop.

James Dodd, Loop Communications

James Dodd,
Loop Communications

The pilot program with CSHP works to measure patients’ blood pressure for their hypertension. Using the system, patients record their blood pressure every day. Instead of writing the information on the back of an envelope and forgetting to bring it to their next doctor’s appointment, the blood pressure information is sent back using the loop system.

The system tracks the information in real time, so patients, their family members and the doctor’s office can monitor the results more closely than in the past, Dodd said.

Many applications exist for this program beyond helping the elderly, he added.

For example, like the elderly, the developmentally disabled want to live as independently as possible, Dodd said.

“Through the system, NOMIS can remind them to lock their door at night, to feed their animals, to take their medication,” Dodd said.

The process will change people’s behavior, Dodd said.

“It will make people more accountable,” Dodd said, “[and] people who want to be compliant, healthier.”

The system will save costs and help medical offices’ operations flow more efficiently, he added.

Loop started in March 2012.

By Marija B. Vader, Colorado Springs Business Journal